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The best quarterback tips and secrets; learn how to play quarterback like a pro!

How to play quarterback DVDs with secrets tips and tricks.

Learn how to play quarterback from Heisman Trophy winning and former NFL quarterback Ty Detmer, and professional quarterback coach Dustin Smith. These DVDs teach you secrets and tips when you’re on the field on how to survive as a quarterback during play. Ty Detmer offers a great deal of insight and shares secrets from his NFL career along with tips for how to play quarterback like a pro.

Monthly quarterback secrets and tips in our members area.

Beyond the DVD training that teaches you how to play quarterback like a pro, we offer a monthly members area with quarterback tips from Ty Detmer, workouts and secrets from Coach Smith, and other QB skills. Learning how to play quarterback takes years of mastery; fortunately Ty Detmer is willing to share his secrets and tips for a low monthly fee along with tips on how to market yourself to scouts and colleges. This makes Quarterback Elite your one-stop source for how to play quarterback and get a quarterback position.

What kind of quarterback secrets and tips can I expect?

Our training begins with basic fundamentals for how to play quarterback, then expands to more advanced areas. One of the biggest secrets to becoming a successful quarterback is mastering your fundamentals for how to play quarterback. Beyond that, Ty Detmer can give you tips that will help you survive hard games and look good for the scouts and coaches. Visit our members area and get started with our large collection of quarterback secrets and tips on how to play quarterback like a pro.

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